XETFE copolymer

The special cable material for irradiation crosslinking ethylene-tetrafluoroethylene developed by Chuangmei Science and Technology Research Center is composed of white main material and color master batch, which has excellent high and low temperature resistance, mechanical and electrical properties, easy processing, wide irradiation window, stable and reliable performance and so on. The cables manufactured from our cable materials can fully meet the requirements of MIL-W-22759 and GJB-773 series standards, and have passed the relevant experimental standards for aerospace applications.

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The white main material is applied to the extrusion of white insulation or sheath, and the insulation and sheath of other colors can be extruded after mixing the main material and color master batch in a ratio of 100:3.

In order to ensure the quality of products, it is strongly recommended that the main materials and color master batch should adopt the raw materials of our factory.


Melting temperature: 260℃

Screw diameter: 30mm

Extruder temperature (aspect ratio 25): 230℃, 250℃ and 265℃ in the third area of the fuselage; The two zones of the nose are 280℃ and 280℃

Selection standard of die sleeve: tensile coefficient 20-25

For example, for light insulated wires with conductor 19*0.2, the die core can have an aperture of 2mm, and the die sleeve can be selected between 5.5 and 5.8. It is suggested that tensile test should be carried out after extrusion, and the elongation at break should be ≥300%.

Material specific gravity control


Reference irradiation process

The radiation dose is recommended to be 20-25Mrad, and the first irradiation can be carried out at a high dose to meet the crosslinking degree and other performance requirements specified in the standard. Higher irradiation dose has limited influence on the properties of materials, so it is easy to realize the secondary irradiation of sheathed cables (the insulation and sheath of sheathed cables with braided shield can be irradiated with the same dose). The elongation after irradiation is 100%-150%, and the tensile strength is about 45Mpa.


The temperature of each district can be fine-tuned according to the actual situation, and it can be plasticized well as a whole.


The main material 20KG aluminum foil is protected from light and packed in cartons

Color masterbatch is packed in 4 independent 5KG bags and cartons

The main materials and color masterbatch have been fully dried, so users do not need to dry any more.

(Packaging can be customized as required)

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