Modified ASA Film

Chuangmei ASA Film, the product is made of high quality ASA resin (Acrylonitrile, Styrene, acrylate copolymer), which is blended, modified and stretched by special raw material ratio. ASA super - weather - resistant functional membrane has all the advantages of ASA resin, and it is more perfect in application.

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Weather Resistance


Anti UV

Non-toxic, Tasteless and Environmental

Fungus Proofing

Flame Retardant


Corrosion Resistance

High and Low Temperature Resistance

Strong Toughness

Color Lasting


Scratch Resistance

Good Machining and Molding Performance

Technical parameter

Thermal stability

Weather ability

Linear thermal expansion

Adhesive strength



1.Uniform surface without scratch using coated ASA film

2.ASA film has enough coverage to ensure the color consistency of finished products

3.Uniform ASA thickness

4.Delicate and smooth surface

5.There is no need to dry

6.Change color easily when in production

7.Reduce waste

8.Energy conservation



Resin Tiles, color steel tiles, PVC doors and windows profiles, Interior and exterior wall panels, ceiling panels, surface decoration of household appliances, and automotive field and so on.

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