ASA White Granules

ASA is a thermoplastic created to be similar to ABS, but with better weather resistance. ASA’s combination of high strength and flexibility along with its superior UV resistance makes it ideal for printing objects which may be used in the outdoors or in industrial settings. Due to its high glass transition temperature, a heated bed is required to successfully print with ASA. For the best results when printing with ASA, a fully enclosed print bed recommended.

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(1)ASA has high smoothness, good chemical stability and heat resistance as well as high impact strength even at low temperature.

(2)ASA has better environmental stress fracture resistance than ABS, which is 10 times higher than

(3)ASA resin has excellent weather resistance, good processing properties, chemical resistance and balanced mechanical properties.

(4)Good aging and fading resistance.

(5)Longer durability.

(6)Excellent weathering Outstanding color fastness and gloss retention for exterior design.

Technical parameter

ASA property parameter table
Property item Test condition Test method ASA Unit
Physical properties Specific gravity ASTM D792 1.06
Water absorption rate ASTM D570 0.03 %
Mould contraction rate 3.2mm ASTM D955 4-6 E-3
Melt idex ASTM D1238 / g/10min
Mechanical properties Izod notched impact strength ASTM D256 533 J/m
Tensile strength (yield point) ASTM D638 39 Mpa
Tensile rate (rupture point) ASTM D638 30 %
Flexural yield strength ASTM D790 54 Mpa
Flexural modulus ASTM D790 1650 Mpa
Hardness Rockwell ASTM D785 / R
Thermal properties Heat deflection temperature HDT/A 0.45Mpa ASTM D648 96 °C
Heat deflection temperature HDT/A 1.8Mpa ASTM D648 82 °C
Vicat softening point ASTM D1525 / °C
UL Long-term use temperature UL746B 50 °C
Flame retardant 3.0mm UL94 HB
Linear Expansibility fluidity E831 / 1/°C
Electrical properties Dissipation factor 60Hz ASTM D150 /
Permittivity 60Hz ASTM D150 /
Dielectric strength ASTM D149 / kv/mm
(Ohm-cm) Surface residtivity ASTM D257 / Ω-cm
(Ohm-cm) Volume residtivity ASTM D257 1.00E+15 Ω-cm


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