ASA Film For Resin Tiles

Chuangmei ASA plastic steel composite film is a kind of super high weather resistant composite film made by the red Beijing seal brand ASA based on the characteristics of the plastic steel. It is mainly used in plastic steel materials. The film coating technology can reduce the pollution to the environment and greatly improve the weatherproof performance of the material.

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Thoroughly Changing The Corrosion Problem Of Color Steel Tiles

Color steel tile is not weather resistant or acid and alkali corrosion. ASA weather-resistant composite film and the advantages of color steel tile together, not only solve the problem of color steel tile corrosion resistance, but also expand the new field of use of color steel tile, no corrosion phenomenon occurs in acid and base conditions.

Improve The Service Life Of The Color Steel Tiles.

The service life of the colored steel tile in the factory or the coastal area is short, the chemical corrosion and the salinization are greatly affected, and the ASA film is increased to at least 10-15 years after the use of the film.

Environmental Protection

A large number of pollutants are produced in the process of painting production by color steel tiles, and there is no waste gas and waste water in the coating process of color steel tiles, which is completely environmental protection. The product is also a pollution-free environmental protection product.

High Temperature Resistance

The phenomenon of softening deformation occurs when the resin tile is 50℃-60℃. The higher the temperature is, the more obvious the temperature is, and the steel plastic composite tile with the advantage of plastic and steel will not deform, and it will not change at 100℃.

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